Information and communication

Information and communication must be observed as key elements for capacity building. There is a need for joint approach for promotion of the activities and values of Macedonian Red Cross in a competitive and professional way. Information as a communication tool is incorporated in the national society enabling to gain skills and knowledge that contribute for improving the image of the organization.


  • Promotion of the internal and external communications of Macedonian Red Cross;
  • Preparation and publication of the Macedonian Red Cross magazine “Humane Meridians”.
  • Preparation and electronic distribution of the e-newsletter of Macedonian Red Cross;
  • Maintenance and updating the web page of Macedonian Red Cross;
  • Regular contacts and cooperation with the media for promotion of Macedonian Red Cross activities.
  • Electronic filing of Red Cross publications;
  • Organizing a public opinion survey about Macedonian Red Cross image in Macedonia.
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