Activities of  the Macedonian Red Cross Youth

The work of the youth of the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia is focused on the needs of young people through the peer approach and various forms of informal education in order to promote health, alleviate social problems through humanitarian actions, act in emergency situations of humanitarian aspect, preservation of dignity and diversity, training of the young population for protection and self-protection, acquisition of skills in the field of first aid, promotion of the principles of movement, reference to rope dialogue for mutual understanding, tolerance and humane treatment without discrimination.   


Activities implemented by the youth of the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia:


  1. Dissemination of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent movement ;
  2. Initiatives for humanitarian support of an individual or target group;
  3. Promotion of human values
  4. Peer education for preventive programs of the Macedonian Red Cross;
  5. First aid competitions
  6. Celebration of the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day – May 8;
  7. Marking of the Week of Youth of the Macedonian Red Cross 01-07 October;
  8. Marking the World Volunteer Day – December 5;
  9. Training to strengthen the capacities of young volunteers;
  10. Inclusion in the program activities of the National Society
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