Спасителна станица Водно

The mountain rescue station of the City Red Cross of Skopje on Vodno is the first and only in Macedonia and is functioning for 3 years already. The rescue station gives significant contribution for the safety of the numerous visitors on the mountain Vodno. The construction of the Millennium Cross and the pavement of the road to the top of the mountain significantly increased the number of hikers and tourists and increased the risk from different injuries and the need for securing assistance.

However, the volunteers of the City Red Cross of Skopje, that is, the team for mountain rescue is trained for professional, fast and efficient provision of assistance and represents guarantee for the safety of the visitors on Vodno mountain. They provide this service during the weekends and on holidays and the accomplished results are obvious. In the course of 2007, the team had around 150 interventions. The lightly injured persons were provided with first aid on the spot and the more severely injured, after the administered first aid, were transported with Red Cross vehicle to the closest medical institution.

Besides the first aid interventions, on duty mountaineers provided orientation information for hikers, organized search for missing persons, provided instructions for hikers by performing different exercises and they marked the mountain paths.

For purposes of provision of better information for the citizens, the City Red Cross of Skopje produced an information flier about the work of the Mountain Rescue Station which also contains contact telephone in case of emergency.

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